About Merchandiser India

Merchandiser India had its humble origin to a group of family-run commercial ventures in Lucknow. The Group has varied interest spanning liquor retailing,Dealer of Diageo and Pernod Ricard, Holder of public bonded warehouse license with importing unit and distribution license of liquor in Uttar Pradesh.

Merchandiser India , a state-of-the-art and automated plant with its own dedicated system software, was set up with German know-how. An exclusive facility to distribution of Beer is already installed and the products are being sent to Uttar Pradesh.

The Management of the Merchandiser India are particular about ensuring compliance with high standards of quality keeping the consumer preference in focus. Legal compliance are given top priority. Our all products and services in India to obtain clearance from the statutory Site Approval Committee.

This drive towards ensuring quality and satisfaction of consumer preference Imported Liquor and Beer products of Merchandiser India to record the largest sales in Uttar Pradesh. Merchandiser India occupy the top few sales in terms of performance of alcoholic beverage products in Uttar Pradesh all through the year. Our premium segment products highly cherished and sought-after by consumers in Uttar Pradesh. XXXX GOLD Beer, Diago Pernod Richard, Public Bonded Warehouse are among the most popular products in Uttar Pradesh. Merchandiser India have a wide range of products serving all sections of society.